Courses and Programs


You can search for courses, which are being offered in the upcoming semesters by accessing the course schedule.  Please note that, if necessary, you will need to change the ‘School Year’ and ‘Semester’ to be able to see a specific schedule (these options are located at the top of the schedule).  Then click the ‘Search’ button.  After the desired schedule appears, you can specify the number of courses you would like listed on each page by choosing from the dropdown list under ‘Show’.  Also, note that the ‘Delivery Method’ column on the schedule will let you know how the course will be delivered (i.e. Online-Asynchronous, Blended, etc.).
Be advised: If you are searching for the course schedule for Summer 2022, select 202122 School Year.  On the other hand, if you are searching for the course schedule for Fall 2022, select 202223 School Year.


Currently, we offer no programs via the alternative delivery methods.  However, they are coming soon!!